Believer. Songwriter. Influencer. Worship Leader. Emcee. Musician. It can be difficult to put a defining label on Phillip Joubert, but it’s easy to see that his gift is an authentic one.

Born in CT, fostered in NYC, and based in Knoxville, TN, Phillip draws on his vast palette of personal experiences to paint pictures of hope in song. From his own journey through a broken ministry home to his journey of recovery, Phillip sees his art as an extension of the call to on his life to speak gospel truth to anyone who will listen. A passion for deep heart-level impact makes his live performance a truly transcendent offering.


After years of features and co-creating with other artists, Phillip released his debut mixtape, Broken Records, to critical acclaim in 2012. Following a brief hiatus, he returned to solo work with 2016’s The Long November mixtape, and broke into the mainstream market with 2018’s Circa Sixteen cypher collab and Four Week Notice single, which was featured on NewH20’s “5 Under 5k”. In 2019, Phillip's catalog continues to evolve with his all-original EP, “Free Us All".


When he's not working on music, you can find him binge-watching a superhero show with his awesome wife Sonia, chasing his toddler, or changing a diaper from his newborn daughter.


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